Traveling is not about visiting that place. Travelling is when you enjoy the whole journey from beginning to end, People travel these places at their peak time. When these places are crowded and not look so good as they really are as I am local resident of Dehradun, I will suggest the best time to visit these places when you will find the least crowd there, and you can really enjoy the beauty of that place. so let’s begin and find some most famous Tour places in Dehradun.

  1. Robbers cave

Robbers cave is a Beautiful architecture of nature, the water flows through narrow channels between boulders and you can walk against the water for about 1-1.5km. The water is just ankle-deep and you can easily go inside the cave with your children it is safe to go with them. this is the most visited among tour places in Dehradun by tourists.

Best time to visit = can be visited anytime but the best is to visit Mar to July but you should visit in the beginning of March or at the end of July when it is less crowded

 2. Sahastradhara

Sahastradhara known for its therapeutic value as its water contains Sulphur. This place can be visited anytime within the year. People love to visit this place in summertime and this is the time when it is highly crowded. So, I would suggest you to visit this in the beginning of summers as it is less crowded at that time.

3. Budhha temple

The Mind rolling monastery lies in the southwest of the city. It is a beautiful Buddhist monastery you can relax your mind here it is not much crowded. And this place holds beautiful surroundings which relaxes your mind.

4. FRI (Forest research institute)

FRI a beautiful building made by Britishers. You can find the Museum in the building. But is not the normal Museum you can only see Forestry things there in the museum. Only plants and wooden Stuff. But its beauty lies in its surrounding in you can see the architecture of Britishers time.

5. Malsi Deer Park (Dehradun Zoo)

Dehradun zoo Is Previously known as Malsi deer park renamed after its renovation as Dehradun Zoo. You can visit this Place anytime in the whole year whenever you want.

6.Tapkeshwar Temple

Also known as Tapkeshwar Mahadeva temple. Is Lord Mahadev Temple situated by the Forest side. The main Shivalinga is situated in a Small natural cave in temple It is believed that Guru Dronacharya once lived her.

7. Ram Rai Gurudwara

A famous Sikh Temple Many Sikh devotees came here from different parts of the country. It is the Most Important place of Dehradun Even the Name of the city also came from here. Guru ram rai Ji son of seventh Sikh guru har dev ji set up a camp here in the valley. And in Punjabi language Camp is called “Dera” that is how the city name is derived from here.

8. Khalanga War Memorial

This war memorial is dedicated to brave soldiers of Gorkhas who lost their lives in war. A war memorial lies between Forest. This is the first war memorial which is made for opponents for their bravery in war. 


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